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Science Based Training and Education for Performing Arts

Science Based Training and Education for Performing Arts

What we do

In person and online training to help educate dancers of all ages, and teachers, on how different training principles can enhance performance.

Underpinned by the latest principles of Dance Science, we can help improve performance, provide psychological skills training and tools, reduce risk of injury and improve rehabilitation. In addition, we have specialist knowledge covering a wide range of ages, from junior strength and conditioning right through to supporting performers going through menopause.

We will have an initial discussion about what your school/individual is looking for and then I can design the training around these requirements to make sure needs are met.

Coming Soon…

Training Packages

Online packages for initial dance science training and how these can be incorporated into the dance studio setting…


Menopause information so performers can be more prepared though the transitional period and continue to do what you love..

Contact us for info on any of the above